Friday, December 28, 2012

Uses for Boys

Anna is lonely and its her mom and her against the world. The mom starts looking for the next husband. They get married , and they move again. Her mom is now divorced , and looking for the next husband again. The mom is always gone with work or with dates.

Anna starts talking more with boys, and finally gets a boyfriend , and has sex with him. She starts partying at age 13 , and even gets raped. She doesn't tell anyone about this at all. She then finds another boyfriend, and they move in together. Her mom is still looking for the next husband. Anna has an abortion and breaks up with boyfriend. She even drops out of high school. She is working and finds a new boyfriend, and she loves his family. She waits a bit before they have sex.

I'll be honest I was brought in by this pretty book cover. She didn't even grow much, and there wasn't any talking with her mom. There were some instances that she could have told her many things, but those conversations didn't happen. She wants love since she isn't getting it from her mom, she looks for it from boys. I get that this book real and this does happen in real life. I get that the author was trying to shock me. I felt that this was a train wreck , and I hoping for some change in Anna  but I didn't see it at all.

Book Review= D

Thanks to St. Martins Press for the book and this is mY honest Review

It Comes out Jan 15 ,2013


  1. Sounds like this poor character just needed her mom's love..and maybe her mom could have found fulfillment with her daughter as well.

  2. Yikes, I'm sorry you didn't enjoy this, Julie! "Train wreck" is not something I hear from you often, so I have a feeling this isn't the book for me, either.


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