Saturday, May 4, 2013

The Eternity Cure Book Review

Allison is back , and on the hunt for her Sire Kanin. He is pain and slowly dying. She runs into Jackal who is her brother. She also runs into Zeke who has left Eden.

Jackal made this book for me, and I wanted to find out more about him. I loved his humor & how he looked at this world. It isn't pretty world at all. There are many meat bags dying and the virus is on the lose. Sarren is in this book , and evil as he can be.

I found this book predictable , and characters I thought gone showed up again. The ending was amazing , but Allison whines alot about humanity and loving a human. I got it the first time . This book was darker than the first book, and I do want to see what happens with Allison and the Gang. This book took me a lot longer to read, where as the first book I finished much faster. I did see some of the second book syndrome in this one. I do enjoy Julie's worlds but I think this book has Vamped me out.

Book Review= B-/C

Thanks so much to Harlequin Teen for letting me read the book and this is my Honest Review. Its out already

**** May the Fourth be with you


  1. It sounds like I enjoyed this a bit more than you did. Either way, it was an enjoyable read!

  2. Oh, this one sounds good. Although, the whining Allison will probably annoy me as well. Great review, Julie.

  3. I liked this one better than the first because she was more you know ok with herself so I felt she whined less in this one. Mostly really it was Jackal that did it for me. He made reading this a pleasure. I need more of HIM>!


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