Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Forever Book Review

Forever (Wolves of Mercy Falls, Book 3)
I have reviewed this series on my Blog with Shiver, Linger , and so I had to finish it out today.

Sam and Grace have beat the odds against them. Grace has become a werewolf , and Sam is unable to deal with the loss of her.

Cole and Isabel made this book for me. There was the snarky humor and romance between these two characters.The first 100 pages dragged and I know of some bloggers who gave up because not much was happening. There is also an issue of trying to get the wolves to safety because Tom Culpeper ( Isabel dad)  going to start shooting them.

Cole was my favorite character from Linger. I loved his snarky comments and  he asked the questions I had while reading the book. Lucky Cole is using her smarts for good to help Sam and Grace.

There was all the buildup for this great romance, but it was lacking. The ending is totally subjective and I'll will leave it at that. I didn't feel that I got my Great Romance of Sam and Grace. I was expecting a blowup or fight between Grace and her Parents...didn't see that at all. A character dies and there wasn't anything done for it . I didn't get my Romance for Sam and Grace but I did get Cole and Isabel.

That's my problem with trilogies. Maybe I expect questions answered and not everything wrapped up in a nice bow which it seemed to me.  I don't expect characters to talking all the time or bemoaning the loss of their love. I expected them to figure out something. I think that this series should have ended at Linger.

 I do love Maggie's books and I have her other book Scorpio Races to read too.

Book Review=C

The Book is out today

Thanks to Karen for letting read this book and this is my Honest Review


  1. O I'm sorry to hear this didn't live up. Thanks for the honesty.

  2. oh boo, I hear ya. Oddly enough, I'm glad she left the ending open & not wrapped up, I could imagine the happily ever after that I wanted! I do agree, action & emotion were lacking with this one but thought the character growth made up for it.
    Cole won me over too, swoon!

  3. Great review! I haaaated the ending. What kind of conclusion has none at all? *shakes fist*

    Yes, I'm still super bitter :P

  4. I find it really difficult to follow something for 3 or more years only to have no conclusion. I'm unsure of why we should follow these things if you never find out what happens.
    I'm not talking about a tidy, fully explained conclusion but readers need some closure.
    Mockingjay totally did me in. I don't trust series anymore - I'm like a full time detective with my research before I start new series now....lol

  5. Anonymous12 July, 2011

    Thanks for your honest opinon =)

    -Mocha from A Cupcake and A Latte: YA Reads, Reviews & More!.

  6. I've been reading lots of reviews that are blase to disappointed. No matter, I'll read it. I'm sure I'll enjoy it for Maggie's writing if for nothing else. She has a signing in Mpls in 2 weeks that I'm excited to go to.

    BTW...the house we originally planned to rent fell through so my husband went out to Sac over the weekend to find another place. We signed a contract for a house a bit east of Tahoe Park. Sounds like a nice little place and the neighborhood is pretty nice (or at least safe). I'll probably be out there around the beginning of Sept.

  7. I've heard some disappointing things about this one. I plan to get Forever, and then read the trilogy straight through.

  8. Anonymous15 July, 2011

    Aw, I'm very disappointed to hear that the ending sucks ... and it really puts me off reading Linger (I was waiting to read the whole story in one go, lol, but I guess that isn't going to happen anyway :o), as well as Forever, which I pre-ordered a while back. I'm going to be so freaking mad if Sam and Grace don't end up together. Seriously.

    I'm totally with Karen on this one. If you have to write a series and drag it out FOREVER, then why can't you give it an ending worthy of the wait?? :(

    I'll still read The Scorpio Races, though ... I heart stand-alones!! :D


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