Thursday, April 23, 2015

mini reviews- hit - made you up - jesse's girl- Between us and the moon

Maya Henry loves to sing and is in band. Jesse Scott is a country singer and she gets to shadow him for a day. During the day it becomes like a Ferris Bueller's day off . She gets to know him better , and he learns about her. She tries new things and even gets to accomplish something.
After the shadow day , she realizes that she has feelings for him. He isn't too sure of his feelings , and he wants to take it slow. They can't have a normal relationship. We see her friends and she even tries out for a show. We also see what's happening with Sam and Jordan.
I loved the chapter titles and that Maya was trying things on her own. I loved that they were slow to act on their feelings but they both ended up helping each other from that one day.

Book Review= B
July 7
Patsy Klein mom has many debts , and she needs to kill 10 people in 5 days . Wyatt is the son of the dad of her first kill. During the list she finds out that these people are related to her or friend. Also she finds out more about Wyatt and his life. They are attracted to each other , but they are in an interesting situation. Someone is going after her .
Valor isn't quite what it seems . She is curious about her dad, and also what's going on in the country since a Credit Card company now collecting on its debts. Very interesting ending.

Book Review= C
simon teen
April 14

Alex has schizophrenia and when she was little she freed some lobsters with a little boy with blue eyes. She thinks that she made him up. Alex goes to school and works with Tucker. She waits on Blue eyes  (Miles) and wonders if he is the boy.

She and Miles get along great but he can be gruff and mean. He also has issues at home. Alex see's things that are happening . Miles is also doing community service along with Alex. During the year she gets to know him and she also makes friends with some kids from school. She also finds some romance.

Book Review= B
May 19
Sarah is always in the shadow of her sister scarlet. She is also a scientist who is tracking a comet for a scholarship. She also ends up not having a boyfriend. This summer is chance to experiment with changing herself . She meets Andrew who is 19 and going to college in Boston. She is attracted to him, but she also ends up lying with her age to him. She helps him deal with something, and she grows this summer. I thought that the ending was quite open, but I didn't like it either.

Book Review= B
Harper Teen
June 30


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