Thursday, August 20, 2015

Waves hello


after one of our walks

ready to watch fireworks

1st day of school group shot

Just waving hello and sharing some of our summer pictures of fun. I will going back to school and I found a new part time job. I have been walking a lot more since I got a fitbit. Here is the book I am most excited for which I love the series. If you haven't read it , I highly recommend it.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

So Long Farewell to Blogging

It's time to close up the blog and I am burnt out. I am busy with school and working. I also want to enjoy reading books. I know that I have done this before but this time it's REALLY Happening. I will still be on Facebook, goodreads, and Instagram, and twitter. But other than that ...It's time. 

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Bellavoxbox review

I was lucky to try all these items. Some I loved and others didn't work out.

I enjoyed the Dove candies . I loved the Rimmel mascara and the eco tools brush. The lipstick was pretty bright. Overall I enjoyed the box. Thanks again for the Influenster for letting trying it. This is my Honest review . 

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Mini reviews- Dumplin, What we saw, Uprooted , Invasion of the Tearling, Dreamland

The feelings and best book I have read so far. I loved slight romance and the girls friendship with the other outcasts and doing a pageant. She grows up during this book and has even more confidence.

Sept 15
Book Review= A
There is a party and Kate gets a ride home from Ben, who happens to have had a crush on her . She is also pretty drunk and she left the party early. This is the after math of a rape of someone she knows and the video from the party. I loved the Geology references and how there was good discussion about consent and dress & alcohol. I loved that Kate had issues and even discussed this with her brother about slut shaming girls. Seriously this book was amazing. It was a small town so this also brings up the football team members & girl involved and their reactions to school & town. Amazing book

Sept 22
Book Review = B+
OMG this book had a strong female who didn't always fit in and got dirty. She was picked by the dragon, and when danger happens to her town. She does all that she can. I even adored the girls friendship and there was some romance. This book lived up to the hype and easily my favorite book of 2015. I will recommend this book and I could see the Beauty/Beast aspect :) This is one book to reread again. 

Del Ray 
May 19
Book Review= A
um nope. present day mixed in with keslea world. issues with red queen. hardly any fetch in book. more history of how this new world came to be. but there seemed to issues brought up ie beauty, cutting, pregnancy , utopia, socialism, books. I also didn't like her-- she has changed so much over this book and this isn't all of it. She gets pretty. UGH I wished that I liked it more or even her at all. I am done with this series. 

June 9
Book Review= D
loved this romance and Dallas finding his way in the music world. 2nd chance love with someone.

William Morrow
June 16
book Review= B
wow this book was crazy good. I loved her friends and sorta reminded me of inception with dreams. Seriously good :)

Sept 22
Book Review= B

Thanks to the publishers and these are my honest Reviews 

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Book Reviews- Hold Me like a Breath, Black Iris, The Devil you know , Every Last word, All for you

Penelope receives transfusions and very delicate. She has had a crush on gabe for the longest time. Carter is her brother and in the family business. They are both part of the body transplant Crime families. She finds out some of Carter secrets , and she also wants some real answers.
She is going to run away with Gabe , and she is dealing with the loss of her brother Carter and other family members.
She is on her own surviving , and starts experiencing life. She also meets and falls in love with someone.

This was a good story and it was the Princess and the Pea retelling . She does end up growing up but it took a while. I didn't like the insta romance. .

Book Review= B
May 15

I wanted to like this story and romance but this book seemed to be more about revenge and very hate filled. I do think that this book was different in that the narrator   talked to the reader. I did enjoy the romance between both people and at separate times. I just wished that I loved it more , but it was hate filled for me.

Book Review= C
April 28

 Sam is OCD and this year she wants to be different. She has been friends with the crazy eights since kindergarten. She is feeling on the outside , and no one knows about her OCD.
She meets Caroline who helps her break out of her shell. She joins a poetry  club and isn't welcomed at first. She also hurt AJ ( the guy in charge). She realizes what she has done to AJ and apologizes to him. She also starts writing poems which help with the OCD. Sam is also a swimmer  and this helps her out too.
Sam makes mistakes but she also talks to her therapist  who helps her. She also starts sliding away from her friends and making new ones and finds love. AJ asks her to be blunt & even explains about his songs.

This book was amazing and I learned about OCD and more about their thinking. I loved the romance aspect of this book and the many wonderful  poems through out this book.

Book Revew= B+
June 16

Cadia wells has been taking care of her family for the past 3 years since her mom's death. She goes to the camp ground with her friends. She meets Noah and Matt who are driving the states. She finds an attraction to Noah and they start kissing. She decides to go with them to their next place with Lindsay. She is also attracted to Matt too. Some of her friends end up getting hurt. She also goes to a psychic  who gives her a reading. . Many of these things end up coming to pass. Arcadia has to make some tough choices of who she trusts.

Wow what a fast moving book. Arcadia didn't always make the best choices during this book. I can see why she needed a break. I loved that this book had memories mixed through the story. I also loved the romance with one of the boys. This author has become an auto read for me.

Book Review= B
June 2

Celie is working as a chocalatier in Dom's kitchen. She has had a crush on Joss for the longest time. He goes off to fight with the Legionnaires for the past 5 years. He finds her and he wants to woo her , but she has changed. She is still heart broken over his leaving. Dom hasn't married Jaime yet but they do play an important role with these two.
Celie and Joss have communication issues , and he has plans for them. He wants to be the hero , but the princess has recued herself and they both end up saving each other.

I adore this new series and loved the romance between them. I wanted to smack Joss a couple of times just to make sure that he talked things out. I loved that they both changed.

Book Review= B
May 5

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Hello I love you

St. Martins Press
Jun 9
stand alone
Book Review= B+

Grace is very far from home. She is also from a music family. She chooses to go to school in Korea. She gets a room mate named Sophie, and she doesn't get along with her brother Jason. Jason happens to part of a band and very famous.

Jason has a messed up family just like Grace. He is writing a song  and she helps him with it. She does has some music abilitiy but not playing a thing. Grace does keep in contact with her family through emails and texts.

Things slowly change for them over the course of the year. She slowly starts to fall in love with him. He is also tutoring her in Korean.

Very cute romance and I stayed up late finishing this one. I did get a Anna and the French kiss vibe from this book. I did enjoy the Kpop and Kdrama's through out this book. I even learned some Korean words too.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

mini reviews -- undertow, between the notes, a sense of the infinite , the improbable theory of Ana & Zak, Encore to an empty room

Lyric has some secrets . She also lives near Coney Island where some Alpha's came up almost 3 years ago and they will be going to school with them. Bex is her best friend and she is having some family issues. Lyric helps her out along with Fathom who is the prince. Fathom becomes her friend, and they help each other out.

There is some romance and I loved seeing the family support. I do hope that there is another book in this series. I stayed up late reading this book , and it was so much better than I thought it would be.


May 5
This is the 2nd book in the series . Wow what a great 2nd book and no slump. I did enjoy this mystery and I can't wait to see how it ends. I loved that they are working on music and their relationship along with college choices. 

Book Review= B
Katherine Tegan 
April 16 
I enjoyed this book and I was able to get into this one. She loves the nature and loves to hike. She has a busy year with friends , and even with many relationships. This is a year of growth and change for her.

Book Review= B
Katherine Tegan
May 19 
Ana and Zak don't get along. Ana is uptight and very charmed life. But her home life isn't perfect and because of her sister's mistake , she can't do anything. Her brother is also on the quiz team. Zak doesn't want to be on the team, but he ends up making friends with ana's brother. Ana and Zak end up chasing her brother through out the night at a comic convention. During the night , their feelings change for one another and they end up getting into some trouble. This story happens over 1 day and night and I loved Ana was smart and she ended up loosening up , and Zak ended up having some goals.
Very cute book and fast read


Katherine Tegan
May 19

Ivy and family are downsizing to another area. She loves to play the piano. She also doesn't want her friends to know that she moved. She finds out that Lennie lives there too & they aren't getting along. She finds a hidden room with books and begins talking with someone. Her brother is also having some autism issues.
Things aren't what they seem , and I loved the growth that Ivy makes with her family, friends, and even Lennie. Cute romance and it did bring up some serious issues about food, being poor, getting food from a food bank, and even autism.

Book Review= B+
Harper Teen
June 16